My NMOSD Diary

What the heck is this NMOSD anyway?

It stands for Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder, or as I like to call it Alphabet soup disease, or Not My Option to have this Stupid Rare Disease!

I probably should have started this blog in November of 2012, when my life changed forever, but I procrastinated, kind of hoping it would all go away. (in other words, DENIAL!) I’ll give a quick overview of the disease and  timeline, and add to the past as this thing progresses and things come to mind.

I’m envisioning  part written blog, part video blog, part sharing information and resources from the experts in the field, and mostly interaction with you, the readers. I’ll answer any questions you might have, although I might add a TRIGGER ALERT specifically for my kids, if the subject might not be something they want to know about their mother, and since I’m hoping they’ll pop in from time to time and add their observations, opinions, and feelings as family members. NMOSD impacts entire families.

In general pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, pull up a comfy chair, and we’ll share the highs and lows, and even some laugh out loud crazy things that goes along with having a body that seems intent on playing nasty jokes on you.

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