A few friends and I are trying something different in September. We’re writing entire short novellas live, one tweet at a time. Follow along and help shape the plots and characters with your replies!

C. Jai Ferry
Gritty Rural Stories

Jules Dixon
New adult romance

Sabrina Sumsion
Young adult, science fiction, urban fantasy, romance


Kelly pawed her way through the mounds of donations. Stupid community service at Goodwill. She picked up a jar and shook it. I’d seen people drop off some weird stuff, but a severed head floating in an oversized pickle jar? That was a new one.

Partially open eyes stared out at me. It had to be fake, some stupid Halloween prop? I took a breath and grabbed the lid. The stench of decaying flesh penetrated my skull as soon as I cracked the thing open. My reflexes kicked in and I jerked. As the liquid goo splashed down my front, the head landed in my lap with a heavy splat, its mouth open in a frozen scream. I fought not to scream. Then something caught my eye, wedged inside the gaping maw. My hand shook as I reached out for it. Teeth scraped my hand as I pulled a rolled up piece of what looked like leather from alongside a bloated tongue. So gross!

It was covered in a bunch of symbols I didn’t recognize…except the pentagram. Perfect thing with a severed head, right? I snapped a few pics with my cellphone. No one was going to believe this without proof.  Then I yelled for Steve, my boss.  His eyes nearly bugged out of his skull, and unlike me, he barfed. You’d think he’d never seen a decapitated head before. He gagged again, then pulled his phone out and dialed. “Don’t you even think about running away before the cops show up.” 

One little bout of court-ordered community service, and everyone thought you were a delinquent. It wasn’t even my fault.  I’d take sleeping in the park over going home when Mom brought her “work” home, anytime. So, I got a public vagrancy charge.


So, I sat there, with a stinky severed head on my lap until the cops showed up, because Steve thought it was a good idea. Oh, great. It would have to be Rob that showed up to take the report. The same cop who busted me on the park bench. Yay.